Note: In order to download some of the packages you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan. Required Licenses - The IPsec VPN Software Blade on the gateway, an Endpoint Container license, and an Endpoint VPN Software Blade license on the Security Management Server. Please refer to sk61286: Remote Access Clients E75.10 , for more information on which hotfix is relevant for your environment. (MSI) E80.71 Endpoint Security Client for Mac: E80.71 Endpoint Security Client for Mac Release Notes: Remote Access VPN Clients: E80.71 Endpoint Security VPN Clients for Mac Release Notes: E80.71 Endpoint Security VPN for Mac Administration Guide: Capsule Docs Client: E80.71 Capsule Docs Plugin User Guide Integrated Desktop Firewall, centrally managed from the Security Management Server. Important: Endpoint Security VPN for MAC E75.01 will not work if connected to R65 and R70 Security Gateways that do not include the relevant hotfixes. Enterprise Grade Remote Access Client that replaces SecureClient for Mac. Endpoint Security VPN E80.50 Client for Mac OS X. Endpoint Security VPN for Mac OS X. Endpoint Security VPN and Remote Access VPN E80.50 Clients Downloads and Documentation. For SmartDashboard-managed clients only. E80.92 Remote Access VPN Clients - Automatic Upgrade file: Remote Access VPN Client for automatic upgrade through the gateway. (CAB) E80.92 Remote Access VPN Clients for ATM: Unattended Remote Access VPN clients, managed with CLI and API and do not have a User interface.

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