twq('init','o39rk'); For over 5 years as part of the teaching, he gave a sample treatment to every medical student. Stay tuned for our upcoming Intermediate and Special Topics seminar schedule! Dragon Rises College provides exceptional training in all aspects of Oriental medicine, from the most classical to the most modern. Wellspring Seminars . This course is for students who have not yet taken an introductory seminar or for those who’d like to hone the fundamentals of Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis. Gua sha is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine. Dragon Rises Center for Wholeness is located in the Scholls Crossing Center near intersection of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway and Scholls Ferry Road. 2021 is our chance to rise above, take control and create the life that we want to live, regardless of what’s happening around us. Many students of prophecy believe it signifies a trend that world geopolitical conditions are shaping up for the worlds last great conflict described over nineteen hundred years ago by the Apostle John when he wrote… During their time at DRCOM, students learn the importance of communication, understanding and respect, and go on to be practitioners who make a real difference to patients’ lives. Oplev hvordan disse … A pair of speakers (Adam Driver, Cecily Strong) warn students about the dangers of social puppeteering. Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis® and Contemporary Oriental Medicine® form the basis of our curriculum, and provide students with an outstanding education. Class of 2019. If you’re ready to leave the chaos of 2020 behind, it’s more important than ever to take massive action. Welcome to the Shen-Hammer lineage! Klinik og Skole med speciale i Akupunktur og Kinesisk Medicin. var google_remarketing_only = true; /* ]]> */, The Path to Healing, Knowledge and Wisdom, Our students come from many diverse backgrounds. Jan 2006 – Mar 2014 8 years 3 months. var google_custom_params = window.google_tag_params; Transferring deposits: In the event that an instructor cancels a seminar or class for any reason, a student may elect to apply their deposit to the subsequent seminar or class taught by the very same instructor(s), and at the discretion of the instructors(s). },s.version='1.1',s.queue=[],u=t.createElement(n),u.async=!0,u.src='//', Seminars; Videos; Library; Alumni. Deposits will not be refunded if the student decides fro any reason to not take the seminar after paying the deposit, nor is a deposit transferable to seminars or classes taught by other instructors. Midtown Manhattan. “Shen-Hammer Pulse Seminars have been taught around the world by myself and the select group of instructors I have certified to teach this work since 1983. Photos. Special emphasis is placed on … Dragon Rises Intermediate and Special Topics Seminars. In service to the profession, Stephen held positions with the Florida State Oriental Medical Association. Below is a list of the various private practices and locations. /*

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